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2月 24




There is a lot of hype going around the lolita community right now about Moi-même-Moitié’s latest print series, Sleeping Garden. Personally, while it’s a decent dress, I don’t think the stratospheric level of praise is deserved.

The attempt at overlaying a single image over the entire skirt is not new, but to me this seems like a poorly executed attempt to recreate the sense of drama that Juliette et Justine’s now famous Féerie series.

The painted image on Juliette et Justine is beautiful in and of itself, but does not overwhelm the dress — it elegantly fades into the fabric itself. The Moitié dress’s image is, by comparison, slapped on — the image covers the entire skirt with no sense of gradiation.

Furthermore, the Sleeping Garden print is simply too photographic. It looks like a rather badly photoshopped photograph of a cemetery, something more welcome on a gothic community website’s banner than on a $400+ dress.

Generally my feelings on Moitié are mixed — some pieces are stellar whereas others, such as this, fall flat. However, I’m no lolita, and I’d love to hear some girls who love this series explain what they love about it.

I love this dress <3 

and now having a skirt with a full image print is copying Juliette&Justine. 
Well this is new

If it would have been a faded photograph into a fabric then I would have screamed at the pale copy, but it is simply not the case and this dress has nothing to do with J&J. 

I like this dress for the overwhelming picture. this same picture faded away into the fabric wouldn’t have looked so good, in my opinion.

Of course, flattened, it might look akward, but with the flowy fabric of the dress, I believe the dress will look stunning in person.

It’s different tastes. Diffent style given to a dress.  

I never claimed that Moitié was copying JetJ, just that they are similar ideas. I even explicitly stated that JetJ was not the first to do this, just that their execution was — IMO — the best. The point of the post was to get some dialogue going about it though, so I’m happy you responded regardless.

Not surprised to hear you love it, though (lol the tags). Are you going to get it?

I sent my reservation e-mail already. I’m getting the short OP (the non shirring one) in purple version. 

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    This dress is amazing…D: wish i could have
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    I would love to have this dress.
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    I want this….
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    THIS. Im lucky enought to own the Jett J dress and its amazing. I think moitie tried to outdo them with this sort of...
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    I actually love the skirt, but I don’t like the top half very much; it doesn’t really match…
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